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David B. Raynes

David Raynes has been in the broadcast industry for over 40 years. He started working for New Hampshire Public Television in 1972 and when he left in 1985 was Chief Studio Engineer.

He then went to work for a manufacturer’s rep that also did integration and maintenance. For 4 years, work was done to build up a clientele in the New England area with heavy concentration in Maine , New Hampshire and Vermont .

In 1995, David went to work for Avid Technology as a broadcast project manager. Here, David coordinated projects such as CNN Headline News, Nightline, and Shanghai TV.

David started an integration company with three other people to work in the New England area and in 1999, Little Bay Broadcast Services Inc started.

Some of the wiring projects that were done were NFL Stadiums for CBS; Nashville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New England under his direction and Buffalo, Kansas City, Seattle, and Houston for consulting. Arenas such as the Hartford Civic Center and Boston College were also clients for re-wiring and maintenance. Regular maintenance for clients such as Congress Square Productions and Fox Sports Net New England also called upon David’s support.

In 2002, National Mobil Television purchased the assets of Little Bay Broadcast Services Inc to start their own integration company, Venue Services Group. They needed expertise in the integration business and wanted David’s help in forming this new company.

In 2005, David left VSG and re-started Little Bay Broadcast Services LLC to begin a new era. New customers are Institute for Exploration, NBC, CBS, TD Garden, and TWI.

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